XML Module
This will show you how to make your XML Module file. This can be read with the soon coming MOD4XML2HTML stylesheet we are developing. You need to create a file in your module directory called: module.xml  You will need to uploaded it to a website so it is accssable by anyone.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
<!DOCTYPE package SYSTEM "http://pear.php.net/dtd/package-1.0">

<name>Put your module name here</name>
<description>Put a description about the module here</description>
<email>Email address of the admin</email>
<url>URL of developer</url>
<version>Version Number</version>
<mod4ver>What version of MYdb (eg: mydbphp beta 0.1 (lite)</mod4ver>

<admin>Admin of module</admin>
<member>Member of module (add as many as you need to</member>

<changelog>Changelog of the latest version</changelog>


MYdb is a database tool that Tar.Gz compresses normal files (flat-files) into a file that can be opened by the MYdb PHP function list. It is totally PHP based and requires no servers to be installed (besides PHP and PEAR)

Current Release:
MYdb Lite 0.1 beta (PHP)