Function List
Here is a list of functions as of MYdb lite 1.0 beta. This is the PHP List. Please check soon for the PSP version when I release the PSP and python versions.


Open Database
Function: mydb_open(Database , Username , Password);
Requires: include("");
Description: Opens a database with username and password. Requires to be included
Close Database
Function: mydb_close(Database);
Requires: include("");
Description: Closes a database. Requires to be included.
New Record Sheet
Function: mydb_newsheet(Database , SheetName);
Requires: include("");
Description: Makes a new record sheet in the current database.
Returns: $ret will return "created"
Delete Record Sheet
Function: mydb_delsheet(Database , SheetName);
Requires: include("");
Description: Deletes a record sheet in a current database.
Returns: $ret will return "deleted"
Edit Record
Function: mydb_editrec(Database , RecordSheet , OldVal1 , String);
Requires: include("");
You MUST specify the OldVal1 which is the first value in the collum. It was what used to be there.
Description: Edit a record in a record sheet.
Add Record
Function: mydb_addrec(Database , RecordSheet , String);
Requires: include("");
Description: Add a record to a record sheet
Delete Record
Function: mydb_delrec(Database , RecordSheet , Val1 , String);
Requires: include("");
You must specify the Val1 which is the first value in the collum.
Description: Delete a record from a record sheet
Write Record
Function: mydb_writesheet(Database , Recordsheet , String);
Requires: include("");
Description: Write to a record sheet (overwrites everything)
Open Record
Function: mydb_openrec(Database , Recordsheet);
Requires: include("");
Description: Open record sheet values into an array
Returns: array is put into the value $return (on
List Sheet
Function: mydb_listsheet(Database);
Requires: include("");
Description: Lists all sheets to $list as an array. Note ignore the .db after every one.
Returns: $list will return it as an array
View Sheet
Function: mydb_openrec(Database , Sheet);
Requires: include("");
Description: View a sheet.
Returns: $return will return it as an array

MYdb is a database tool that Tar.Gz compresses normal files (flat-files) into a file that can be opened by the MYdb PHP function list. It is totally PHP based and requires no servers to be installed (besides PHP and PEAR)

Current Release:
MYdb Lite 0.1 beta (PHP)