Welcome to MYdb
This site is a sourceforge project that is developing MYdb lite and pro. If you want to join the mydbphp-devi malinglist click here (note this isn't just for php developers) or you can join the mydbphp-users mailinglist by clicking here.

Users as of Mydb Lite 0.1b (buld 0005) we will include UVS (http://uvs.sa.web.za/ or http://uvs.sf.net/) - Thank You
You can access the UVS Repository here
What on this site is MYdb powered?
The news system (Using newsPHP 0.2) and the forum (Using ForumPHP 0.2)

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Recent Changes
Version: 0.1beta
* Optimized compression
* Removed authdb() error
* Wrote configurations
* Changed compression to tar.gz
* Fixed corrupt file on SF.net

Bug Reporting
There have been 1 bugs reported.
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MYdb is a database tool that Tar.Gz compresses normal files (flat-files) into a file that can be opened by the MYdb PHP function list. It is totally PHP based and requires no servers to be installed (besides PHP and PEAR)

Current Release:
MYdb Lite 0.1 beta (PHP)